The preliminary considerations

Customers who want to contact ghostwriters or agencies often take a long time before taking this step. Although it is difficult to give flat-rate behavioral guidelines, the attempt is here to understand some of the essential train of thought and thus to facilitate the decision.

Everyone who plays with the idea of ​​having a text written is faced with the task of finding a solution that is optimally tailored to his situation and needs. In most cases, the factors “competence”, “time” and “money” are in the foreground and must be brought into a relationship.

For a prominent athlete who has not yet put a single line on paper, rushes from appointment to appointment and can afford a generous fee to an experienced ghostwriter, the solution looks different than for a future non-fiction author who dominated his subject, sufficient time but only a very limited budget available.

Before deciding whether to engage a ghostwriter, the following points should be clarified:

  • Is the client ready to hand over part of the work – and responsibility?
  • Does the budget for the text or book project allow the use of a ghostwriter at all?
  • Does the client have the necessary information and is willing to provide it to the ghostwriter?
  • Is there enough time available? Ghostwriters are usually focused, efficient and quick, but they can not work miracles. Experience shows that book projects can fail because of too ambitious scheduling – for example, a few months ahead of a book fair.

What exactly should the ghostwriter’s contribution consist of? The ghostwriter can act as a “writer” in the traditional sense, but he can also conduct interviews, do independent research or work as a lecturer, consultant or literary agent.

To what extent is the customer willing to invest time to teach the ghostwriter his style, share his information, review the writing and commission corrections or changes?
Anyone who can answer these fundamental questions for themselves, thus comes much closer to a decision.

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