Why you can make it easy today

Students who find it difficult to write semester papers or theses today are subject to numerous temptations to get their work done. Maybe, so the calculation, it is enough to get some texts from the Internet and to change them slightly. Maybe a fellow student can help with the creation of the text.

As a rule, universities endeavor to put a stop to such activities. There is also a sizeable arsenal of possibilities for this: the facilitators and examiners can detect suspiciously good wordings on search engines, can pinpoint students through critical questions, threaten punishments, and reject work. The exact examination of a work, however, requires a certain effort, which is not always provided.

In contrast to the primitive “Copy and Paste”, the presentation of a work created by a scientific ghostwriter seems to be a sure thing. No examiner can prove to a student that they did not write the paper themselves.

The only defense against students who do this is personal contact: If a student presents a work whose level is, for example, far above the level shown so far, it is worth asking a few critical questions about the text, its structure and its reasoning. If the answers are poor then it can be assumed that something is wrong with the work – or rather the authorship.

At many universities, however, there is hardly any personal contact between students and examiners. In the context of the increasing economisation of all spheres of life, the universities are geared towards efficiency thinking, in which high numbers of students are to be passed through the study with as little effort as possible.

This also means increased pressure on professors and especially on the academic middle class. As a result, examiners also try, unless they are more comfortable anyway, to distribute their workload on the high number of students.

As the number of jobs increases sharply, correcting for mass processing leaves little room for individual attention and critical demands beyond the mandatory 2.5 or 4cm margin. This environment ensures that even students who have worked with a ghostwriter have a better chance of being unrecognized.

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